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…the only peer to peer creative community that clears safe spaces to radically share ideas for forward thinking creators in art, music and design. Through events, conferences, and workshops Struktur Society gathers creatives to connect, collaborate, and create for real innovation and change.

We believe in elevating, supporting, nurturing and connecting the people who are creating the things that don’t yet exist in the world. We’ve made buildings. We’ve made hiking boots. We’ve made typefaces. We’ve made deathrock albums. We are a community with a passion for growth, curiosity, and creativity.

We believe in the generosity of knowledge and the power of culture collisions and collaboration. We are the free-thinkers, the innovators, the communicators and the makers. Together we hunt for problems to solve, we say the things that need to be said and we change what is broken in the world. We are the creators — artists, musicians and designers — who believe that creativity shared is momentum gained for all. We trash conventions by colliding our experiences, inspirations and processes to unleash new approaches to creativity, innovation and progress.

We are Struktur.



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Title  photo credit: Kristofer Thorgrimsson. Collage photo credits: Chelsea Parrett and Sam Ward.



…is a world where all creators are inspired and empowered to realize their full potential.



…is to create unconventional connections to unleash new approaches to creativity and elevate, support and nurture the people who are creating the things that don’t yet exist in the world.




A BRIEF HISTORY of struktur



Struktur Event starts as a two-day series of speakers, panels, and parties held at the Ecotrust Building in Portland. The first event is a great success with 2015 seeing Struktur grow well into and over the 150-seat capacity of the space. Struktur Studio launches to handle consulting and design projects.



The third Struktur Event expands to a third day with an added workshop component hosted by new partners at the Wacom Experience Center and University of Oregon in the historic White Stag Building. Struktur also expands into Struktur Podcast in 2016.



Due to demand, Struktur moves to the Leftbank Annex in Portland’s edgy East Side. Struktur Event grows to well over 300 attendees, with multiple program tracks and a full lineup of workshops on the lower level of the Annex. Struktur also adds Struktur Lab, a micro event held in Austin, TX.



After closing doors for three years, Struktur launches Struktur Series as an online series format and YouTube channel. Adding music to the original focus of art and design, Struktur now highlights two fields and industries that have similar challenges and needs, and that are inextricably linked in our culture. 



Struktur Event returns. After two years of social distancing and a global pandemic, a restructured Struktur relaunches in real life to reconnect the creator community. Struktur Studio relaunches as Struktur Koncept and the UnStruktured podcast and publication launches on Substack.

We believe in elevating, supporting, nurturing and connecting the people who are creating the things that don’t yet exist in the world.


we are struktur.