scott clum 

creative director


Scott Clum is an Internationally known Graphic Designer, Type Designer and Creative Director. Recognized for his work in typographic treatments and graphic design arrangements in action sports and publication design, Scott’s combination of classic design instruction and found materials has helped create a deeper pass into what design and graphics can be.

For over 30 years, Scott has had a deep history in action sports as a skateboarder/snowboarder and being one of the most prolific snowboard graphic designers across the industry, continuing to design and develop snowboard graphics still today.

Scott spent  7 years at RAYGUN Publishing, co-founding and creative directing 3 separate magazine titles “Bikini”, “Stick” and “Nylon” with publisher Marvin Jarrett. With these publications Scott and Marvin went on to push the boundaries of publication design even further.

Scotts unique style and aesthetic comes from keeping ideas unfiltered and working outside the computer to create typographic and graphic tensions that challenge the overall design convention. Scott is the creative director at quango where he works on tech and outdoor lifestyle clients, he also continues to freelance projects from his personal design studio ride.