Struktur Series 2021: original animation by Dan Bones, original music by Greg Brace. 



Struktur Society is a creative community at the intersection of Design + Music. Struktur highlights the importance of creativity, innovation and vision of artists to our society as we speed into the future. Our world is changing rapidly and now more than ever we need that vision to map out a path forward. Critical thinking is necessarily paired with creative thinking to foresee which directions to take. Struktur fosters this thinking while providing artists with 1) Connection: a community of support, 2) Cultivation: a place to grow, and 3) Creation: resources to develop their vision. 


Struktur isn’t just a place to gather. Since it’s inception in 2013, Struktur’s focus has been on three main directives: to offer Creative Inspiration, to build a sense of Creative Livelihood and that supporting ourselves as artists is possible and absolutely necessary, and to grow leaders and foster Creative Leadership in all of our industries.


Struktur has hosted over 120 speakers from the likes of NASA, The North Face, Sound United, 99% Invisible, Arc’Teryx, Autodesk, the Biomimicry Institute, Biolite, Cotton Incorporated, frog Design, Field Notes, Giro, IDSA, Levis,,  the Norman Lear Institute, Poler, Promostyl, REI, Stanley, University of Oregon,  Woolmark, Wacom and Burton to name a few.


Struktur is unique in that it is built by creatives for creatives. Struktur gets to the heart of what drives the artist and then gives a safe supportive space to imagine and explore together. Those who attend Struktur drive change and strive to make a difference in the world through passion and action. Like the artist, Struktur constantly evolves. We are excited to see where Struktur takes us in 2021!








OCTOBER 12, 2021




Struktur Series is a monthly online speaker series that brings designers and musicians to forefront and highlights the journey of the artist. Through sharing experiences and ideas, Struktur creates community and support and a safe place to share ideas and grow. Held on the Zoom platform, speakers run the creative gamut from the developing artist to the established.

Struktur Series is a platform for education, both from the audience to the stage. We are creative professionals sharing with creative professionals, recognizing that we never stop learning and that knowledge comes from all directions.





When: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 @ 12pm PT

Where: On Zoom

Free on Eventbrite


12:00 – 1:00pm PT

Zoom Main Room



Join us for a live conversation with artist, designer, and inventor John Ly, former Design Director with The North Face and founder of the innovative project ADIKT.  Host and designer Michelle Rose sits down with her respected TNF colleague to dig into what it was like for both of them to design for the largest and most well-known outdoor brand, finding their identity as artists in the corporate realm, navigating the taboos of self-promotion, and channeling passions and creative addictions into their own visions. 

From migrating from Malaysia as a child, finding art and learning apparel manufacturing from his mother, to landing a job as an illustrator for a growing Bay Area outdoor company, ultimately rising through the ranks to become a design leader in the most successful outdoor brand in the world, John’s career path has been one of creativity and curiosity. A holder of several design patents, his never-ending desire to play, explore, find unique solutions, and create something that has never existed before has put John at the top of the game, demonstrating that to be successful as creatives we need to be true to ourselves.

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In the middle of a journey towards the American dream, John Ly was born. His parents and siblings were traveling through Malaysia when one crisp Fall morning, in 1979, John came to be. That migrant journey took John from Malaysia, all the way to Northern Washington and down to the Bay Area, California.

Anyone who knows John would not be surprised to learn that his extraordinary talent and interest in art began to express itself when he was a young child. He discovered early on the power and comfort of getting lost in his artwork; the power and comfort in translating the visions locked in his mind and the words wandering through in his heart, onto a canvas.  As a result he found himself continuously producing artwork, his visions and ideas endlessly oozing from his creative mind down to his hands, thru a brush, and onto a canvas.

His passion for design and conceptualization stems close from home. As a child, John’s mother manufactured dresses in Oakland. His mother had an immigrant drive to succeed and worked diligently towards a dream. As a result, John and his family would spend many days watching his mother, and eventually, helping her with her work. Little did he imagine in those childhood days, that this time would eventually serve to help him design and manufacture clothing as well.

His curiosity for apparel was seeded. He would eventually use what he learned with his mother to not only conceptualize well fitting and functional apparel, but be mindful of the execution process as well. Working on a degree in fine arts and graphic design he eventually landed a job as an illustrator for an amazing local apparel company.

However, designing alone was not enough. His curiosity for how the apparel was planned, produced and executed became an obsession. He has, as a result, dedicated the last 15+ years of his life to design and conceptualization. As he will often tell you, “I am not sure why all of these critical events happened in my life, but they have enabled me to create rapidly and at high levels. What I can say is, I am extremely blessed and lucky. “

John’s career in the Outdoor Garment Industry has refined and redefined itself for over a decade. He started as a contract illustrator for The North Face, one of the worlds best Outdoor apparel companies. His transition into design originated in 2005 when he took on the challenge to design the company’s new “Freeride” collection in the Snow Sports division. Fueled by his curiosity and passion for product, his designs drove the vision for the “Free Ski” and “Freeride” collections for over 5 years.

In 2007, he moved on to the Outdoor and Summit Series team where he worked on various high profile expeditions and technology platforms from 2007-2012. In 2014, John became the Design Director of the VF Global Innovation Center, expanding his designs across various brands such as Vans, Timberland, and The North Face. Between 2007-2012, John’s work is linked to various high profile expeditions to Everest, Meru, and Denali.

Additionally, John has multiple awards for best in class product as well as over ten patents to his name. Currently he is working with 5.11 Tactical as Design Director while also working on his own project, ADIKT. 



Check out past episodes of Struktur Series as well as in-depth interviews and additional content on our Struktur Society YouTube channel.




The first Struktur Event was a two-day series of speakers, panels, and parties held at the Ecotrust Building in Portland. The event hosted 110 creative professionals, all there by word of mouth. 2015 saw Struktur grow well into and over the 150-seat capacity of the space. .



The third Struktur Event expanded to a third day with an added workshop component hosted by new partners at the Wacom Experience Center and University of Oregon in the historic White Stag Building. Attendee count of Struktur Event busted the seams of the space, forcing volunteers and attendees to stand and rotate seating throughout the event. Struktur also expanded into Struktur Podcast in 2016..



Due to demand, Struktur moved to the Leftbank Annex in Portland’s edgy East Side. An old WWll machine parts factory and home of eccentric inventor Dean Child, the Annex is a beautiful space that has hosted the likes of President Obama. Struktur Event grew to well over 300 attendees, multiple program tracks and a full lineup of workshops on the lower level of the Annex. Struktur also added Struktur Lab, a micro event held in Austin, TX..



After closing doors for three years, Struktur relaunched in January 2021 in an online format. Adding music and performance to the original focus of art and design, Struktur now highlights two fields and industries that have similar challenges and needs, and that are inextricably linked in our culture. Struktur Society was created to encompass an online community and Struktur Series, a monthly speaker series and happy hour, was developed to bring regular connection and collaboration, as well as a platform for speaker growth and leadership..


Check out past videos from STRUKTUR EVENT, our in-person conference held yearly in Portland, Oregon from 2014-2017. Featured videos every Sunday to revisit, relax, and recharge your creative energy.


The Struktur Event creative conference was co founded by Michelle Rose and Sam Ward, design leaders from the performance apparel and interactive design industries. Together with the most dedicated team of leaders, advisors, sponsors, and volunteers, the Struktur team has been building a connected, supportive, innovative, and fun environment for creatives since 2013. The 2021 Struktur team is focused on bringing this incredible community online to keep us connected and help us usher in a new era.


Struktur Society was created by Michelle Rose, artist, designer, martial artist, musician, futurist, and one of the original co founders of Struktur Event. Michelle is a connector of creative minds and an innovator in performance design with 20 years experience leading and shaping design at large brands like The North Face and Columbia Sportswear. Her understanding of strong brand culture and how nurturing talent drives that culture stems from direct training by Starbuck’s founder Howard Schultz in the early nineties. Michelle has channeled this training and years of leadership experience into the foundation of Struktur Society.

Michelle founded Struktur Society to enable creative artists and musicians to see their value and potential, to grow professionally, and to help those who work with creatives understand and tap into these visionary minds.

Michelle is also co founder of Agency Aspect™, an emerging brand of everyday performance apparel and bags for women. A 5th degree black belt and teacher of martial arts with a lifelong exposure to music, visual and theater arts, Michelle brings all of her passions and experience together in Struktur, building a unique and dynamic resource for the creative community.


We are excited to welcome Karen Dunn and KMD Productions to the 2021 Struktur Series team. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, KMD Productions operates nationally and offers full-service event coordination and management for businesses and nonprofits throughout the United States — both in-person and virtual.  Working primarily in the pro audio industry, her clients include NAMM, Yamaha, Waves, Sennheiser, PreSonus, ADAM Audio, Calrec and others. Her events are well-known throughout the industry for their flow and vibe.

With the onset of the pandemic and the loss of in-person events, Karen quickly embraced the virtual world, creating a weekly guide to online happenings, including industry webinars, podcasts, interviews and panels, working with clients to create unique online events, and creating KMD Pro Speed Mentoring™. Using a unique matching style reminiscent of speed dating, Karen has brought together 20 mentors and 20 students for some one-on-one, face-to-face time at schools throughout the US, with stops in Spain and Canada. She has also partnered with Entertainment Industry Professional Mentoring Alliance (EIPMA) and She Knows Tech, adapting her speed mentoring concept to fit different platforms.




Partnership with supporting brands/organizations is essential to Struktur’s existence and success. Sponsoring Struktur Series is an investment and commitment to the creative minds and ideas that envision our future and drive innovation. It is a great way to reach the visionaries and leaders in the industries of design and music, at a unique gathering of creative professionals and entrepreneurs. Partner with Struktur TODAY!

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Who attends Struktur? Top designers, musicians, leaders, companies and organizations of all sizes who support high levels of artistic creativity and innovation in the fields of design and music support Struktur. Struktur speakers and attendees are involved in their industries, companies, and communities. They seek to grow, to lead with purpose, and to make real human connections with substance. They know Struktur isn’t simply a networking event, it is a true community where real and lasting networking and growth happens. We want to see you there